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      Beach Day Collection

      Beach Day Collection

      It's Summer, and we love to look sunkissed with a soft, healthy glow. That's why we're introducing Beach Day Cream-to-Powder Bronzer and Summer Lights Illuminating Balm – the perfect duo for any skin type looking to achieve a healthy sunny appearance - without UV damage.

      The innovative Beach Day Bronzer formula seamlessly blends into the skin, transforming from a velvety cream to a silky powder finish. The ultra-smooth texture ensures effortless application, allowing you to achieve a natural-looking sunkissed radiance in moments. The finish is long-lasting and sweat-resistant, ensuring your beautiful bronzed look stays put all day or all night. 

      Three Shades:

      • CATALINA (fair/light - neutral tan with soft rose undertone)
      • SANTA MONICA (medium/tan - neutral tan with peach undertone)
      • MALIBU ((deep - rich terra cotta bronze)

      Beach Day Bronzers look even better when paired with Summer Lights Illuminating Balms. Our lightweight ultra-smooth balm applies seamlessly and can be used anywhere on the face or body to achieve a natural-looking radiance in moments. The finish is long-lasting and sweat-resistant, so your glow stays put...all day or night.

      Two Shades:

      • DAYBREAK - Soft champagne with a touch of peach.
      • SUNSET - Soft rose gold with a touch of warm bronze.

      Our Bronzers and Illuminators are Vegan and Cruelty-free.

      Beach Day "Cream to Powder" Bronzer Beach Day "Cream to Powder" Bronzer
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      Summer Lights Illuminating Balm Summer Lights Illuminating Balm
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