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      Gail Kennedy: Emmy Award winning makeup artist

      "I am proud to say I was taught my craft by Vincent Kehoe and his original makeup book, “The Technique of the Professional Makeup Artist”, which remains one of the best any new artist can learn from.

      I have always been impressed by the RCMA line of professional makeup Vincent created. It was radiant on film, and most definitely holds up to the scrutiny of HD today. It is a clean and beautiful cosmetic that transcends from the most natural non-makeup look, to full on gorgeous glam.

      Thank you dear Vincent and RCMA f or jump starting my career 39 years ago. And bless his grandsons for continuing to develop and produce a top end professional product.



      Kevin James Bennett: Emmy Award winning Makeup Artist and Cosmetic Expert.

      "How good is RCMA Color Process Foundation? I walked into my first broadcast television makeup department over 20 years ago. They handed me an RCMA foundation palette. I've had one in my professional makeup kit ever since. That's how good it is."



      Justin Raleigh: Emmy Award winning Special Makeup FX Artist

      “RCMA is hands down  the best cosmetics I have ever used. Any true professional makeup artist has RCMA in their kit. I could not do my work without their extraordinary products. Absolutely the best color palettes in the industry. Designed by makeup artists for makeup artists. With over a half century of excellence, in the industry, why would you choose anything else?”



      Eryn Krueger Mekash: Emmy Award winning Makeup artist

      "Two of my favorites products from RCMA are the blush palette which I use all the time on 'American Horror Story' and No-Color powder. It's great for everything from prosthetics to blotting."



      Jordan Liberty: professional makeup artist, photographer, and educator. received "Best of Beauty" award from Allure magazine.

      “RCMA isn't makeup, it's insurance. I need my looks to hold up sometimes for 10 hours on set - and reliability counts! In a revolving-door industry of "new and improved" foundation formulas, RCMA is still a benchmark to which all others are compared.”



      Stephen Moleski: Celebrity Makeup artist, educator

      “As a professional makeup artist of 16 years I have always relied on the RCMA palette to help match clients skin perfectly. Whether Kim Kardashian or Crissy Teigen I can always highlight and contour for the perfect color match! 

      RCMA is truly "The Essential" of any Artist Kit!”



      Michael DeVellis: Founder of The Powder Group, On Makeup Magazine, and The Makeup Show

      "RCMA has been one of the top lines that our industry looks to for quality, product performance and consistency for decades. The brand has truly been the benchmark as an industry standard over the years. Here at The Powder Group it is a pro-essential for all of our workshops and programs and is one of the most revered lines we carry at"



      Anthony Gordon: Hollywood makeup artist, 30+ years for film, TV, celebrity and fashion

      I have used RCMA for 30 years. Its tried-and-true, it works on all my various jobs from high definition films to my fashion shoots, it's the one make up that has been in my kit all these decades and will remain to be there till I stop working. A makeup created by pros for pros! Viva RCMA!



      Koren Zander, Professional makeup artist and Educator

      RCMA products are definitely essential in my pro kit. It’s what I consider the 5th Element… earth, water, wind, fire, RCMA! Fail-proof products that I can rely on every time, in any event or occasion, whether I’m doing makeup for film, TV, print, runway, bridal, and most specially theater! I’m keen on makeup that is “done right the first time”. After all, in this industry, time and precision is key, and RCMA products are a huge contributor to achieving that.